Wedding Photography & CV-19

A Safe Wedding for 2020

advisory document. 

None of us want to be infected with the virus, particularly on such a joyous occasion

as a wedding so we all must take measures to protect ourselves.

Using a range of preventative strategies such as face masks, gloves, hand gel

and sanitary wipes we can maintain a level of safety together.

The Ceremony

The wedding venue will provide instruction and procedures whilst within the venue.

During the wedding I will be wearing a face mask and gloves and

maintain at least 1m distance at all times.


After The Ceremony

. Photography in the garden comes with some guidance.

The Government has produced guidance how we use bubble groups by house holds and/or family groups that have be supporting each other.

This is convenient, as a photographer as I can use the groups in the photography after the wedding and outside.

Further to this information, please message me